New paper got accepted in IROS 2022

At IROS 2022, A paper on “Constrastive 3D Shape Completion and Reconstruction for Agricultural Robots using RGB-D Frames” was accepted. Congratulations to F. Magistri, E. Marks, S, Nagulavancha, I. Vizzo, T. Läbe,  J. Behley, M. Halstead, C. McCool and C. Stachniss

Two papers got accepted in IROS 2022

We had a paper accepted at IROS 2022 on “Towards Autonomous Visual Navigation in Arable Fields “ by A. Ahmadi and M. Halstead and C. McCool.

Also, at IROS 2022 another paper accepted  “BonnBot-I: a precise weed management and crop monitoring platform” by A. Ahmadi and M. Halstead, and C. McCool. Congratulation to everyone involved!