A range of positions are available within the group.

Student Assistants (SHK/WHF): positions are available. Please send an email to Anke Indorf (aindorf@uni-bonn.de) for more information.

Bachelor/Master Thesis: topics are available in the group. Potential topics include semantic segmentation, tracking, weak learning, autonomous and sensing systems for agriculture. If you are interested in these or related topics please contact Dr Michael Halstead (michael.halstead@uni-bonn.de).

PhD Positions: are regularly available in my group. If you are interested please send an email to Prof. Chris McCool (chris.mccool@uni-bonn.de).

Open PhD Position

We currently have two open and fully funded PhD positions in my lab at the University of Bonn. If you are interested please send your application before September 2nd, 2022 (see below for details on what to send).

The first position will be in a newly funded DFG project which will explore novel approaches to exploit short-term spatial-temporal information for improved robotic sensing, an example of which is [1]. The second position is open to topic areas such as, but not limited:  robust (cross-domain) vision systems, global-to-local vision sytems, and panoptic-enabled intervention.

In both cases, I am looking for candidates who are highly motivated and capable of working collaboratively in an international environment. They should have a strong interest in developing state-of-the-art vision systems or developing systems that can be deployed in challenging conditions in the field. The candidates should have strong programming skills (Python or C/C++) and preferably have some experience in Computer Vision, Deep Learning, and/or ROS.

How to Apply: all applications should be sent to cmccool@uni-bonn.de and should include the following:

* your CV,
* short letter of motivation,
* transcripts of records,
* relevant links (e.g. own website, github, Google Scholar, etc.),
* link to the PDF file of your MSc thesis, and
* name/email/phone number of two referees which we can contact.

* Relevant Master’s degree
* Very good English language skills

[1] C. Smitt, M. Halstead, A. Alireza, C. McCool, “Explicitly incorporating spatial information to recurrent networks for agriculture”, accepted to RA-L 2022 (ArXiv link: https://arxiv.org/abs/2206.13406)