Michael Halstead

Dr. Michael Halstead


My current research revolves around machine vision for applications in agriculture and robotics. My primary focus is making networks more general for cross-domain accuracy and segmentation of objects in unseen domains through multi-task learning. This includes weeding in arable farmland with species-level classification and crop segmentation and their quality in glasshouses. I also have a focus on making algorithms agnostic to both the field they are operating and the platform they have been deployed on. These approaches will aim to create better monitoring of crop/fruit while enabling key decision-making processes for the end-users.



Contact Details

Email: michael<dot>halstead<at>uni-bonn<dot>de
Tel: +49 – 228 – 73 – 4626
Office: Nussallee 5, EG, room 0.007

University of Bonn
Agricultural Robotics & Engineering
Nussallee 5
53115 Bonn