At DICTA 2020 we presented “Fruit Detection in the Wild: The Impact of Varying Conditions and Cultivar” which was a joint collaboration between the University of Bonn and the Queensland University of Technology. Congratulations to all the authors: Michael Halstead, Simon Denman, Clinton Fookes and Chris McCool!

At IROS 2020 we presented “LiDAR Panoptic Segmentation for Autonomous Driving“. Congratulations to all the authors: Andres Milioto, Jens Behley, Chris McCool, and Cyrill Stachniss!

The latest article on Harvey the Sweet Pepper harvester has been published in the Journal of Field Robotics “Performance Improvements of a Sweet Pepper Harvesting Robot in Protected Cropping Environments”. Congratulations to everyone involved Chris Lehnert, Chris McCool, Ikyu Sa and Tristan Perez.